Mickela can customize a program to fit your needs and budget and is a true advocate for her clients and only recommends the best products for beauty, skin and hair!

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Corporate Style

We provide an array of services for individuals, teams, and organizations that help elevate the overall professional presence of their people to achieve company goals. We can provide executive coaching to individuals or small teams as well as provide a variety of professional development programs customized and tailored to your organization.

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Polished workshops cover a variety of style, etiquette, and key training for professionals. Develop your personal brand, shed light on the art of corporate style, and learn more than you ever imagined with Polished workshops.

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Personal Style

Individual Image Consultation

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The Personal Style and Image Consultation is an intensive, personal analysis that assists the client in defining what makes their beauty unique to the world. This is the first building block to developing an individual personal image and style that truly defines the essence of you!

The Personal Style and Image Consultation can be done in-person or virtually. To get started, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help assist Mickela in analyzing your lifestyle, goals, objectives, wardrobe needs and personal style preferences. The consultation will include a full color analysis to determine the colors that enhance your body chemistry and personal markup, and a custom color palette will be created exclusively for you.

The next phase of the consultation is to analyze your body type, silhouette, and scale to determine the appropriate fabrics and apparel pieces that will make you look your personal best.

Lastly, your style personality type will be defined and analyzed to ensure that you make better apparel and accessory choices in the future, and develop a fabulous working wardrobe for your unique image and lifestyle. You’ll feel more confident and authentic in your working ensembles to start to achieve your future goals.
The session will last up to 2.5-3.0 hours to ensure ample time for all questions.

Wardrobe Facelift

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Most of us only use 20% of our wardrobe!

The Wardrobe & Closet Sweep is a 3 hour session done in your home to assess your current wardrobe. During the closet sweep, Mickela will discuss your personal goals as you try on clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from your current wardrobe.

The items will be categorized as “wearable”, “needs alterations” and “they have had their time”. Your style personality type will be defined in order to determine what you are, what you aren’t, and what looks that you are drawn to. Also, a detailed list will be developed stating your wardrobe needs.

As Mickela reconstructs your closet she will develop a strategy to assist you in filling in any existing gaps, ensuring your wardrobe and closet become functional for you and your lifestyle!

This session is perfect for those who never seem to have enough time to refresh their wardrobe, declutter, and PURGE! You WILL learn tips and tricks along the way to pull off that flawless confident look every day!

Personal Shopping

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For the first shopping trip a minimum of 3 to 4 hours is needed. A Personal Consultation with you is required to identify your primary and secondary wardrobe needs and objectives.

You will have the option of shopping with Mickela at designated stores based on your budget, style and body type, or your stylist will be happy to pre-shop for you. (Pre-shopping is included and is optional for the client)

As you try on items, Mickela will educate you on the appropriate silhouettes, fabrics and brands to enhance your personal brand, body type and coloring so that you know what to look for when shopping on your own.

Seasonal update shopping is also available to keep your working wardrobe up-to-date and to add unique and special pieces.

The Overhaul

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This is the session to TREAT YOURSELF and truly maximize learning by combining all three! The Overhaul session will start with a Personalized Consultation, a Wardrobe Facelift will follow, rounded out by Personal Shopping. The combination of Mickela’s professional training and natural knack for executing the “total look” will make this a worth-while package!

*** This is an investment in yourself that will immediately provide a return, saving you time and money. Mickela wants everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from her services; payment plans are available. 

Special Events/Day-Of Make-Up Services

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Ready for your big day? Wedding, Prom, Girls’ Night, Family Photos, Competition, Professional Speaking event, etc… Mickela has got you covered to look your VERY BEST! She only uses the very best in make-up and is current on all the latest trends and techniques. Make-up is airbrushed to give you that flawless, long-lasting coverage you desire for your Special Event to ensure your day filled with photo’s is a treasured moment.

***Group discounts apply and Mickela does travel to location! We look forward to working with you on your Special Day

Corporate Style

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At the heart of every organization’s success lies the professional image of its employees.

How professionals present themselves to existing and potential clients makes a statement about who they are and the organization they represent. So it’s imperative that employees dress appropriately and make a strong first impression as they are the brand ambassadors for your organization.

Whether your company’s dress code is traditional, business casual, uniformed, or somewhere in between, employees often struggle with balancing an updated, individual style with a professional corporate dress code.

Polished Image Consulting partners with organizations to offer a solution to this dilemma with programs and services that bridge the gap between your attire requirements and your employees’ individual style. We ensure that the individuals personal brand is alignment with the company’s brand to ensure long-term success.

Each program and service is customized to the specific needs of each organization and staff, so please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your sessions today!


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Polished Image Consulting provides executive coaching, group coaching and professional development seminars around the following topics listed below. Please get in touch to schedule a workshop or plan a custom workshop to fit your needs.

Seminars (hour, half day, or day) | Workshops | Headshot Styling | Dress Code Policies

Corporate Dress Workbooks | Business Etiquette Training | Customer Service Training


Seminar & Workshop Topics:

Personal Branding | Business Etiquette | Dress for Success | Executive Image and Protocol

Personal Branding | Customer Service | Communications | The Art of Traditional Business Attire

Appropriate Business Casual | Professional Image and Dress | Professional Style and Image Development

Powerful First Impressions | Updated and Office Appropriate Attire | How to Build a Business Wardrobe | and more!